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Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Pictures and Southern Plains Forecasts
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Flickinger Weather
Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Pictures and Southern Plains Forecasts
Flickinger Weather
This near softball-size hail had one hour to melt before I took this picture! See more photos from the tornado-producing storm here
I took this picture near Sharon, KS. This tornado was on the ground for 8 minutes before the Dodge City NWS issued a tornado warning-- the mesocyclone was quite small, making doppler detection more difficult.
My wife took this photo...While chasing a tornado, me(blue shirt) and the crew jump out to pull this tree out of the road. An F3 tornado (shown next right) destroyed this area just minutes before
An F2 rated tornado destroyed this home north of Bartlesville, OK in 2003. This photo is of the garage where these 2 vehicles were parked. That would be the chimney laying across the hood of the Corvette!
Many structures lost their west windows when 80mph wind propelled baseball-size hail sideways.
Photo taken near Pryor, Oklahoma of a late day supercell.
As we drive toward this storm from the north, nickel-size hail covers the highway in Western Oklahoma. It looks like a winter ice storm!
This tornado was near a half mile wide at times. I took this photo just after sunset, hence the poor lighting.
I wouldn't drive into the white part!...We are about 2 miles south of a huge hail shaft. 1-3 inch thick hail is falling in the white area.
See the small, circular gray area in the middle? I took this picture looking straight up of a storm trying to produce a small tornado.
A small, F1 type tornado touched down east of Oklahoma City. See more on these tornadoes here.
Here's a beautiful spring day near Alva, Oklahoma. Those clouds later produced tornadoes in Kansas.
An assortment of hail, hail damage, tornado, tornado damage and cloud pictures
Photo taken in Western Oklahoma.
A thunderhead towers above Kansas wheat.
Well, the front door is salvageable... The tornado lifted the roof off the house, causing exterior walls to fail. Winds were near 150mph.
These are the actual colors witnessed and photographed near the KS/NE border in Jun2, 2004. The storm looked inpressive, but never tornadoed.
Look inside these hailstones, and you can see the different freezing layers. This photo shows well how hailstones grow in size with each trip up the updraft.