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Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Pictures and Southern Plains Forecasts
Flickinger Weather
Flickinger Weather
Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Pictures and Southern Plains Forecasts
Flickinger Weather
This near softball-size hailstone  had one hour to melt before I took this picture!  This storm produced the large tornado in the next picture about 20 minutes later.
I don't know who took this picture. It was forwarded to me by a TV  viewer. Notice the pieces of whatever blowing in the wind...
I'm not sure what yard this trailer came from... Notice the trees and homes destroyed in the background.
It's the day after the tornado, and I've been sent here by work to cover the damage clean up. I don't know what this van looked like before, but it was probably in better shape before the tornado rolled it.
That would be an asphalt roof tile embedded in the rubber tire. Notice how the car has also been splattered by mud from the tornado.
Every downtown structure was damaged or destroyed. These buildings have suffered a partial roof collapse, and had to be wrecking balled-- they no longer exist today.
The near 200mph wind from this tornado toppled this train car in downtown Pierce City
The brick structures didn't fare much better. This used to be an older, two-story home.
This building served as a warehouse for a door supplier where you can see dozens of stacked steel doors behind the bricks. Most of the merchandise survived.
Most of the windows of this old Jeep were broken out, and notice parts of tree limbs inside the car.
The tornado did...
I met Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel that night. Here it looks like we actually know each other. We'll probably meet again at the next weather disaster...
On May 4, 2003, 94 tornadoes were recorded in 8 states including the deadly Pierce City, MO tornado which killed 7 and injured 34. The storm formed north of Tulsa, and moved east, producing a tornado in SW MO. Pictures 1, 2 are pics from the storm, and the rest of the pictures were taken as I covered the damage for the news the following day....I hate it when I get sent for these storm clean up stories...GF
Deadly Tornado, Pierce City MO