The picture is looking south from Wilshire Road, 2 East of I-35. We are north of the circulation near the hail core.
This storm looks like a 2/3 scale supercell. This wall cloud is small, but rotating quickly. A tornado, the second in the series,  is now on the ground near the yellow arrow as the storm quickly moves northeast. We are looking to the northwest. A brisk, inflow wind into the mesocyclone is coming from our southeast. KWTV's chopper is now joining us overhead.
Small tornado continues to churn away near Jones, OK producing F1 looking damage. Circulation remains quite intense.
Now  at 4:35, we have a tornado with no tornado warning. As we call the report in to Jon Slater at Fox 23 in Tulsa, a Tornado Warning is issued while we are on the phone.
I headed out of Tulsa down I-44 about 2pm when a cu field formed southwest of OKC along a dryline boundary. Tds dropped 25 degrees in the cleared area to the west. Though this area was farther away from the surface Low in NW Oklahoma, the mid-level wave was quite strong, enough to overcome the marginal low level thermo support. The afternoon wind profile was also quite favorable and small, low-topped supercells developed. Approaching them from the north, the storms appeared to be tilted at a 45 degree angle, and with tops barely 20,000 feet!

I met up with
Charles Allison, and we drove to the east side of OKC to wait for the storm. Who would have thought that tornadoes would touch down in Oklahoma county with barely any chasers to witness! The first tornado warning was issued while Tor #1 was on the ground. By the time the second tornado touched down, KWTV's helicopter was buzzing us overhead. For tornado #3, a gang of OKC media chasers caught up to the storms, and blew past us near Jones, OK....Charles and I got quite lucky in that we picked the right storm! It was quite a surprise to see tornadoes in November....
Enjoy the photos.....GF
Here's a close up of the tornado, dang tree in the way... KWTV is also broadcasting the tornado live. I can't hear the tornado due to the chopper overhead. 
Here's the last picture before we broke off and headed home. Wall cloud is reorganizing and would later drop 3 more tornadoes after sunset-- we're not chasing in the dark!
We head due east and stop about 1/4 mile from circulation. The is most impressive view of rapid rotation we've seen.Tornado #2 is about ready.
Yep, it's still a tornado.
Click here for video clips of this chase.
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Rare November Tornadoes: East of Oklahoma City