March 28, 2007: Texas Panhandle Tornadoes
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Like most chases the day begins promising. Here we are blasting northward along a lonely country road near Emporia, KS. The small white plume ahead of us is a developing storm.
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Flickinger Weather
Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Pictures and Southern Plains Forecasts
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June 7, 2009: Nebraska Pizza Chase:
I burned myself somethin' bad.
We drove over 900 miles on the least productive storm chase ever. And I burned my leg on hot pizza somewhere in Nebraska.
A thunderstorms with rapid, explosive growth along the KS/NE state line. We accelerate...
...but can't catch the storm. Now in Nebraska looking eastward at the storms, we run out of road options as it crosses the Missouri River. Tornados are reported in MO and IA.
Our chase target of northeast KS provided no storms this day. Instead, the severe storms and tornados occurred in IA and MO.  We couldn't catch them.
Chasers: George Flickinger and Dan Lockhoff.
Our chase day ended with dinner in Falls City, NE. The lack of good road options and storm velocity prevented us from following  the storms. This turned into one of the bigger chase busts.
Tired and hungry and somewhat lost in southeastern Nebraska, we find a small town pizza restaurant in Falls City.
Dan is happy! The sparsely populated pizza joint took forever, but finally served up greasy pizza. It was really hot!
OW!!!!! Cheese dripped off my pizza and burned my leg. I whined for a long time. There's a tiny pink burn on my leg. Yes, that's a leg. I think.
Our friend and chase partner Shawn Brett thought we needed official looking signs so we would resemble "real" storm chasers. So he stole various logos from the Internet and made us fake, spoof signs.
So I now pose with our fake magnet sign in downtown Falls City, Nebraska. (I wonder if my wife digs the beard?) FYI: The wrist brace is an unwelcome souvenir from my bicycle accident.
<== tiny storm developing
After eating the greasy pizza, we needed something healthy for dessert... We stopped at Dimple Donuts in Topeka, KS. (Notice the sign in the window for free holes. Seriously, who the heck is gonna need 20 more holes after eating 60?!)
huh?! Seriously? ==>