May 22, 2007: Tornado in Trego County, KS
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Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Pictures
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Flickinger Weather
Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Pictures
Flickinger Weather
April 25, 2009 Chase:
$1.44 shirts= 3
Tornados= 0

Chasers: Dan and Jennifer Lockhoff, Shawn Brett and George Flickinger
(Yes, we love storm chasing...and having fun with stupid stuff!)
This storm chase will best be remembered for our fashion non-sense.
From left to right: George Flickinger, Dan Lockhoff and Shawn Brett.

Uhm, I can explain this below...
Western Oklahoma offers a fabulous shopping experience as evidenced by this store's trendy ceiling.
I'm not sure if that's a man or woman ahead of me in line...
We had plenty of time before the storms formed. So why waste the time?  Dan Lockhoff persues the latest suits offered in a variety of Crayola pallets.
So instead we all puchased matching t-shirts as shown. The t-shirts were on sale for $1.44. This means when you buy three of them, you get change back on your $5 bill.  My Mom brags of my professionalism...
This suit was only $40! I would have bought it if the sleeves were longer.
Now back to the storm chase... Towering clouds develop near Clinton, OK. The halo-like appearance above the developing anvil is created in part from cool wind blowing over the cloud.
Dan likes it when the wind blows through his curly locks.
A somewhat looking wall cloud develops north of Interstate 40. We pursue.
No organized structure yet, but it has our attention.
Funnel cloud? It has no movement to it, but more likely represents inflow. This was the most interesting appendage of the day.
Most of the hail was slightly larger than quarters. A few 2" long slabs of ice fell too. (on the left)
We headed home after dark. And to Dunkin Donuts in Oklahoma City. It's more fun to get the donuts "to go", then eat them inside the store.
I celebrated with my Dunkin Donuts dance. I ate only 6 glazed donuts in 10 minutes. I still like my $1.44 t-shirt.
We talked about trying to steal the Dunkin Donuts flag, but that would be a silly reason for a Weatherman to get arrested.