This picture looks weird as I've enhanced the colors. But you can better see the tornado.
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May 22, 2007: Tornado in Trego County, KS
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May 22, 2007 Northwest Kansas: Tornado in Trego County and the Snake Incident!
OKC Area Tornadoes 11-10-04
My wife and I along with David Williams and friends drove over 900 miles and successfully chased a tornado producing storm in Trego county, Kansas.

The storms formed in a high potential energy environment with an initial warm layer "cap" inversion. Upper winds turned with height from SE to SW. The main thunderstorm maker was passing way north so only a few storms could form-- the limited activity warranted only a "slight risk."

But the big factor that lured us to chase was the weakish steering wind speeds-- much easier to chase slow-movers.

Our prelim target was Dodge City, KS:  a small region of dry air intrusion east of the surface Low.

We watched a small white cloud grow into a Tornado Warned storm. It restructured itself, delaying tornado production which helped us to intercept (below):
The map above shows our position (X) and approx position of these growing clouds (S). This cloud cluster grew during the next two hours. Those clouds are about 75 miles away.
Morning surface map that I looked at from 5/22.

Our prelim target was near Dodge City KS (DDC on the map).  "X" marks our location when we observed a storm "S" developing to our NNW (pic shown below).

The triangle marks the tornado we later observed from that storm as it tracked near Hill City (HLC); north of WaKeeney.
After driving more than an hour, we're still many miles away...but we're closing in!
We finally catch up to the storm. The horizontal lower cloud band indicates a large mesocyclone, the storm is rotating above the ground.
Closer now...a Tornado Warning is in effect. There could be a rain-hidden tornado in there.
Tornado near the black arrow. It's hard to see so we drive closer.
Tornado is "lifting" and completely disappeared about 30 seconds after I took the picture.
The tornado is past peak intensity. We observed a few whirls of dirt on the ground from the circulation, but no damage.
View my chase partner David Williams chase account.
The famous snake incident-- my wife wasn't amused!
Here's the actual storm chase.