March 28, 2007: Texas Panhandle Tornadoes
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Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Adventures
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April 21, 2010:
Southern Kansas: Pheasant destroys car
While waiting for storms to develop near Ponca City, OK, Reed Timmer and "The Dominator" pull up next to us. Reed is featured on the Storm Chasers TV show.
Shawn Brett shoots video of me. I record a "stand up" for local TV. I'm shielding the mic with my hands due to the windy day. Or it looks like I'm boxing!
Chasers: Shawn Brett, Autumn Adams and George & Shyla Flickinger
Ok. So the vehicle wasn't totally destroyed...
Shawn was driving near Wellington, KS when a pheasant flew into our path. It smashed into us and broke the front grill!
We continued the chase near Wichita, but later came back to search for the pheasant near the road. Here's what broke the grill. Shawn found it!
We stuffed the dead phesaant back into the broken grill. Needing decor for the pheasant, Shawn found Wild Turkey brand liquor and a cigarette nearby. It also appears the bird left poo on the hood when it was crushed!
Smile! Auty Adams posing with the lovely pheasant.
We actually didn't see any chaseable storms that day.
DISCLAIMER: I love animals and nature. We were saddened that the bird died. The pheasant flew into our moving vehicle, and the bird's death could not be avoided. These pictures are an attempt to provide humor during a sad situation.

It is not my intention to offend anyone by these pictures.  GF
Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Adventures