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Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Pictures and Southern Plains Forecasts
Flickinger Weather
Flickinger Weather
Meteorologist George Flickinger's Storm Chasing Pictures and Southern Plains Forecasts
Flickinger Weather

My shirt proved more scary than the weather in Western Oklahoma on March 7. I also learned that using a gas station toilet in Enid, OK first requires snagging a key from a lady named Laverne who worked the register.
March 7, 8, 12, 2006: Early season tornado damage
March 8 faired better...I actually saw rain...Here is a weakening storm near Mannford in western Creek county. The yellow arrow points out a small horizontal funnel aloft. This storm didn't produce a tornado though small hail briefly fell.
awwww, aren't we cute? My wife and I storm chasing...we look like we're posing in a mall photo kiosk.
Well, I still think it's a funny name.
We followed this developing cloud tower for an hour until it got away from us. Pictured here as a small storm, it's moving too fast for us to keep up. It produced tornadoes in MO about an hour later.
The 2006 storm chase season debuted several weeks sooner than the previous year.  As usual, March proves a difficult month to chase as storms move very quickly...Tornado damage pictures from far eastern Oklahoma are below..
Looking south from near Iola, KS, we snap pictures of a beautiful flanking line at sunset. We drove eastward then southward to get a view from underneath.
Another disadvantage of March chasing: sunset arrives too quickly...the two yellow arrows point out a double wall cloud feature. The blue arrow points to the hail core. Tornadoed occurred about 1 hour later.
Tornado damage from the previous tornado. The Tulsa NWS reports a 29 mile long damage track from an F3 rated tornado. This same supercell storm also produced tornado damage in Bentonville, AR. I  took this photo 60 miles east of Tulsa.
No that's not my car...This was the view from my downtown Fort Smith, AR motel room on March 12...pretty impressive wreck for a 25mph speed zone..
More tornado damage. Trees, a chicken farm and a livestock holding area didn't do well.
One inch steel pipe twisted and driven into the ground.
photos: George and Shyla Flickinger
3/12 chase target: was to begin in Joplin, MO, then head northeast. Many tornadoes occurred as storms fired off of a warm front boundary. However we decided instead to chase NE OK and SE KS due to better visibilites and less traffic.

Severe thunderstorms developed with a few tornadoes, but the tornadoes didn't occur until after sunset-- we needed a couple of more hours of daylight .
Tornado. Video grab is from my friend Jeff Smith. The tornado is crossing Highway 412 about 60 miles east of Tulsa. The next picture shows the result.